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General Post & Telecommunications (GPTC owned company provides the basic telecom and regulatory facilities. According to 2004 estimates, Libya has about 700,000 fixed lines and mobile subscribers of about 150,000. These figures represent 13 percent 3 percent of the population, respectively. The GPTC is planning on increasing its number of lines to 2 million by the year 2020. In this regard, GPTC is finalizing three tenders worth of 1000 million $ announced in August 2004. The first tender calls for the supply and installation of 1.5 million fixed lines; the second involves the supply and installation of a 6,000-kilometre-long, country-wide fibre optic network; and the third calls for the supply, installation and management of a national control system to monitor the broadcasting frequency spectrum.

There are two companies (both owned by GPTC) providing mobile services to the customers. Libya Telecom and Technology provides internet services.

  • The Al Madar Telephone Company, established in 1996 is now planning to increase its mobile subscribers to 250,000 (
  • Libyana another state owned entity began operating in September 2004(
  • Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT)-state owned company is the leading ISP in Libya. (