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Imports of drugs and pharmaceuticals in Libya were dominated by the nodal state-run public sector agency, National Company for Drugs, Equipment and Medical Accessories (NCDEMA), Benghazi. Now the Libyan Government has allowed free import of medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals except vaccines, oncology drugs, blood products like alpamine and narcotics. NCDEMA is still the sole authorized government agency to import the above. Registered Libyan companies have started importing drugs since last one year.

All foreign companies desirous of doing business with the Libyan pharmaceutical companies (including NCDEMA) would only be taken into consideration by the latter after the requisite registration formalities are completed. In this case, registration has to be done with the National Center for Food and Drug Control (NCFDC).

The first step for Indian companies desirous of doing business with NCDEMA is to complete registration formalities with NCFDC. Apart from NCDEMA, Tripoli Medical Centre (1400 bed hospital) and Central Pharmacies of all Provinces have their own tenders and import pharmaceutical products through registered local company. NCDEMA has a total budget of 250 Million LD (200 Million US$) and purchases drugs by floating tender once in two years. NCDEMA also purchases drugs thorough emergency tenders. TMC has its own tender system with annual budget of 5-6 million LD (10% of its requirement; remaining is allotted by NCDEMA). Similarly, each Shabia (Province) has its own annual budget for importing drugs and pharmaceuticals for local hospitals. Private companies also import drugs for supply of private clinics and pharmacies.

The nodal agency for registration in Libya is: 

The National Center for Food and Drug Control
Drug Quality Control Administration
Head of Registration Department
P O Box 80342 Tripoli, Libya 
Fax: +218-21-4809134 
Tel: 218-21-4807255/56 & 4813506(115/228)