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The Government of India launched the scheme for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) with effect from 14 November 2005. The eligibility criteria and the application form are available at: https://passport.gov.in/oci/OnlineOCIRegistrationG.jsp.

Online registration may be made using the above MHA website. A family consisting of spouses and upto two minor children can apply in the same form. The children above the age of 18 need to apply in separate form. After filling the ‘Part A of the application online, click on the save button which automatically displays the print option. Click on the print option which generates ‘Part B’ of the application automatically. Click on the print option to print the hard copy of the application. Hard copy of the application along with necessary enclosures and fees of Euro 235/- per application can be submitted to this embassy for processing the application. Those who are already holding PIO Cards can apply on payment of a fee of Euro 22/-(Copy of the PIO card has to be attached to the application).

Eligibility Criteria: 

A foreign national, who:

  • Was eligible to become a citizen of India on 26.01.1950, or
  • Was a citizen of India on or at any time after 26.01.1950, or
  • Belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15.08.1947 and his/her children and grandchildren, are eligible for registration as Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), provided his/her country of citizenship s dual citizenship in some form or other under the local laws.
    The minor children of such persons are also eligible for OCI.

Documents to be submitted along with application:

  1. Two copies of Application (Part A&B)
  2. Two photographs of 3.5 x 3.5 cm size
  3. Signature within the Box meant for the signature.
  4. Two copies of applicant’s passport.
  5. Proof of Indian origin, viz., copy of Indian passport, copy of domicile certificate, etc. Evidence of relationship as parent/grand parent if Indian origin is claimed as basis for grant of OCI.
  6. All documents should be self attested.
  7. Applicants other than Libyan/Maltese Nationals, please provide proof of residence.
  8. Indian passports are required to be surrendered on acquisition of foreign nationality. PIO Card holders are required to surrender their cards in order to receive OCI Card.
    Note: Minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens are not entitled to OCI.

Benefits of an OCI: (a) Multi-purpose, multiple entry, lifelong visa for visiting India (b) Exemption from registration with local policy authority for any length of stay in India (c) Parity with NRIs in respect of economic, financial and education fields except in matters relating to the acquisition of agricultural/plantation properties.

Any other benefits to OCIs will be notified by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) under Section 7 B (1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955.


  • The OCI is not entitled to vote,
  • Be a member of Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council or Parliament.
  • He/she cannot hold constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, Judge of Supreme Court or High Court etc.
  • and cannot hold employment in the Government.

Every registered OCI will be issued a registration certificate which is printed like an Indian passport in different colour and an OCI visa sticker will be pasted in the person's foreign passport. These two documents will have the photograph of the individual and all necessary security features.

To apply for a new OCI https://passport.gov.in/oci/OnlineOCIRegistrationG.jsp

To check the status of OCI already applied for https://passport.gov.in/oci/OnlineOCIenquiry.jsp 

To apply for OCI Miscelleneous services https://passport.gov.in/oci/OnlineOCIMiscMain.jsp