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Salient features of the Indian economy:
  • Fifth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity.
  • Abundance of natural resources, a rich mineral base and self-sufficiency in agriculture.
  • Large and expanding consumer market.
  • Large capital market and banking/ financial institution network.
  • Liberal foreign investment regime providing easy entry and establishment.
  • Full current account convertibility and capital account convertibility for FDI and Foreign Institutional Investment.
  • Monetary and fiscal policies support economic growth with price stability.
  • Well-established science and technology base in India . Third largest scientific and technical manpower in the world.
  • Competitive labour force.
  • Second largest exporter of software and ho me to software development centres of major international software companies. Over 200 of the Fortune 1000 companies use Indian software/services software professionals.

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Foreign Investment

Foreign investment is welcome in all sectors except a few sectors of strategic concern such as defence, railway transport, and atomic energy. Modes of foreign investment in India include Foreign Director Investment (FDI), portfolio investment/participation in the debt by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) in the primary and secondary markets, and subscription to ADR/GDR issues of Indian companies.

Most FDI proposals are considered under the automatic approval route. The automatic route does not require any government approval provided the requisite documents are filed with the Reserve Bank of India within 30 days of the investment. Automatic route is available for 100% FDI in the Special Economic Zones. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) of the Ministry of Industry considers FDI proposals over the specified sectoral caps and in sectors not included in the automatic approval route. FIPB provides single window service and composite approvals for all clearances at the Central Government level.

Details of the policy, procedures and requisite application forms are available at the following websites: 
Ministry of External Affairs (India Business Opportunities) - 
Secretariat of Industrial Assistance -
Securities and Exchange Board of India -
Indian Investment Centre -

Additional information on Indian trade and commerce can be accessed from the following web sites: 
Ministry of Commerce - 
Ministry of Finance - 
Reserve Bank of India -

Additional Information on Indian Economy

Additional information on Indian economy can be accessed from the following web sites:

Association of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (AIAM)
Profiles Indian automotive Industry as a whole

Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Cabinet Secretariat

" India 's infrastructure: Investment Opportunities." Report published in May 1997, providing salient features of major infra- structure sectors, policy framework and procedural details, etc.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Council on Trade and Industry
Prime Ministers Councils

Confederation of India Industry
Details about the organisation, its membership, the trade fairs and other events organised by it and the other specialised services it can offer.

Economic Advisory Council
Prime Ministers Councils

Federation of Indian Export Organisations
Details about different activities of FIEO and services it can offer. It also provides a product wise listing of Indian exporters' home page.

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Comprehensive information on business developments, company profiles, investment opportunities, business directories, etc.

Indian Investment Centre
Details about India 's investment climate, policies of interest to investors including FIIs, replies to some frequently asked questions.

Indian Sources Online
A wide variety of information on sourcing needs in the different sectors.

Task Force on Infrastructure

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Commerce
Export-Import Policy, speeches of Commerce Minister, details about India 's external trade, policy related to export processing zones, export oriented units, important public notices, notifications and circulars related to trade and commerce.

Ministry of Industry Secretariat for Industrial Assistance
Information on foreign direct investment, investment by NRIs, foreign technology transfer, special economic zones, details of tax structure, entry strategies, procedures for various approvals etc.

Ministry of Power
Policy on foreign investment in the power sector, guidelines and other documents involved in the competitive bidding process etc.

Ministry of Surface Transport
Policy, incentives, guidelines, opportunities and other related information on investment in infrastructure sectors of Roads and Ports.

Ministry of External Affairs
A glimpse of different dimensions of India ranging from culture and economy to science and technology and from foreign relations to tourism.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology (MAIT)
Provides comprehensive Information on Indian IT Industry, IT market and the Exim policy of the Government.

National Highways Authority of India
An overview of national and state highway network and roads, outline of govt. policy initiatives for attracting foreign investment and various funding sources available for investment.

National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI)
Information on various aspects of import tariffs, import regulations, public sector enterprises and banks to promote trade, investment and technology flows among different countries.

National Informatics Centre
Information about various projects, schemes and policies of Government of India, through various web sites.

National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)
Provides an overview of the Indian Software Industry.

Reserve Bank of India
Details of exchange rate movements of the Indian rupee vis-a-vis major international currencies, variation in interest rates, monetary developments, level of foreign exchange reserves, movements of wholesale price indices and facilities for investment by NRIs.

Securities and Exchange Board of India
Text of policy, norms and guidelines governing various capital issues and related information on FII investment in Indian capital market.

Group on Telecommunications

Department of Disinvestment
Information on policy procedures and details of disinvestment operations.