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Advisory for Indian Nationals [April 1, 2016]

The Embassy has issued several advisories to Indian nationals to exit from Libya in the wake of continued worsening of the security situation and armed clashes in different parts of Libya putting their life at risk. Our last advisory was issued on March 1, 2016. In a recent unfortunate incident an Indian paramedics and her infant son died when a rocket hit their apartment during armed clashes between rival groups in Zawia. There is an imminent risk of getting caught up in crossfire or falling victim. The overall security situation remains fragile and is likely to further deteriorate, including in the conflict zones, Zawia, Sirte, Derna, Ajdabia, part of Benghazi, western region and several other regions throughout the country.

The Embassy reiterates its advisory once again for all its citizens to exit from Libya at the earliest using all available means in view of imminent safety and security risks. Those in conflict zone are advised to move to safer places while exercising extreme caution and vigil, avoid sensitive places, and restrict their movements. They need to take extreme precaution while moving within Libya and to plan their movement/ travel after ensuring the safety of the route.

The Indian nationals are further advised not to travel to Libya and not to take up employment in Libya till the situation normalizes. 


Embassy of India,
April 1, 2016