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Advisory for Indian nationals in Libya [March 1, 2016]

This is in continuation of Embassy’s earlier advisories, the last one being of December 9, 2015 for all its citizens to exit from Libya at the earliest due to continued worsening of the security situation in different parts of Libya.

As the overall security situation remains fragile and in view of the recent incidents in Sabrata, the situation is likely to further deteriorate, including in the conflict zones, Sirte, Derna, Ajdabia, parts of Benghazi, western region and several other regions throughout the countryThe Embassy reiterates its earlier advisories to its citizens to exit from Libya without further delay using all available means in view of imminent safety and security risks.

The Indian nationals are further advised not to take up employment in Libya till the situation normalizes. Those in Libya are advised to take extreme precaution while moving within Libya and to plan their movement/ travel after ensuring the safety of the route.

Embassy of India
March 1, 2016